Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is a global collective of eco-villages and sovereign beings choosing to embody abundance, healing, and unconditional love

Our goal is to empower, uplift, and enable the human race by providing homes, guidance, proper wages, self-sustaining food forests, clean energy systems, and spiritual techniques to all those that ask. We progress toward these ideologies by creating a variety of services and technologies that empower, support, and enable all beings to move into their happiness and abundance while serving the whole of humankind.

Our products and services include green energy technologies that decrease our energy bills while supporting a cleaner earth; crypto currency services that increase our financial abundance; viral social media services that increase awareness of the truth while providing for the messenger; a full assortment of affordable super foods that enhance and uplift body and mind; food forests that rejuvenate and expand upon themselves; automatic urban density food production technologies; artificially intelligent software, and healing services such as muscular skeletal realignment, sound therapy, neurolingustic therapy, and tantra.

Our eco villages across the world offer free housing, community membership, education, and a vast variety of goods and services like delicious  and nutritious food and real healing. For humans that don't want to be one with an existing new paradigm village we offer skills, knowledge, resources, and technologies to assist in becoming independent of the old paradigm.

We empower all who have the will to free themselves from debt slavery. Whats more wonderful then that?