Medhaj News

Medhaj News is one amongst India’s first mobile only news applications that provides local, national & international news to every mobile user in real-time and 24X7 through an application downloaded by user on his/her mobile screen. Backed by a strong team of its own fearless, unbiased and dedicated team of journalists and strong network of citizen journalists across India and globe, MEDHAJ NEWS is the up-to-date platform for any organization to reach target audience with maximum reach in the most personalized manner around the clock.

Social media is changing the way consumers and users are behaving and reacting to various situations and their demanding nature is also increasing more from ever before. The advent and rise of mobile telephony especially rapidly growing smart phone ownership and accessibility in last two and half decades is one of the topmost revolution. In other words, we can say that inclusion of mobile in life of an individual has gone to the level that phrase of “Roti, Kapda and Makan” has been replaced by “Roti, Kapda & Mobile”.

This trend of ‘world wide web empowerment’ and round the clock accessibility to information has compelled all established news channels, newspapers, magazines to launch enter, capture and expand audience base through their mobile app. MEDHAJ NEWS is the first endeavor in media which started its journey as a mobile app providing news anytime, anywhere and to everyone.

MEDHAJ NEWS is an innovative response to changing needs of user in the fast changing times of social media dominance. Making news available at all time in the palms of user gives an altogether new medium to masses and classes to be informed, connect and share their views on news. We aim to make this application reach out to every mobile user in the country in first six months.

We aim to provide latest news updates across the lead genres that are visibly categorized on our mobile app along with special features catering to those who want to read beyond the headlines. Adding to this we are in process of developing of exhaustive network of bloggers, social activist, freelance journalists and citizens, who will further enrich the content and empower MEDHAJ NEWS to publish the unpublished. We strive to create biggest news network of India and the world. Medhaj News is fully backed by Medhaj Techno Concept Private Limited, a leading consulting company in power and infrastructure sector who made a mark for itself in first 7 years by being a fastest growing company in professional services to its users. To know more about MTCPL click here. – See more at: