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“To grown to become an integrated and reliable property developer in Indonesia by providing added value on an ongoing basis for customers, shareholders, partners, the community and all other stakeholders”.


To develop high-quality properties through innovation and the use of technology to create a better quality of life.

To provide excellent service for the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

To develop competent human resources with high integrity.

To maximize our employee’s welfare.

To create synergy with the environment.


All of our work is created with the utmost skill. From our trusted office-workers, up to the technicians and engineers on-site, all are handpicked for their unrivalled skills.

Without applying wisdom to all the things we do, there can be no satisfactory end product.

To be fair is to be effective. It is for this reason that we ensure that fairness is applied no only towards our clients, but also towards all our valuable stakeholders.

Innovation stands at the heart of who we are. From presenting the best ideas, to providing creativity in the construction of our properties, innovation takes center stage.