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Taylor Swift – Blank Space video HD download clicking the button below Taylor Swift – Blank Space lyrics [Verse 1] Nice to meet you Where you been? I could show you incredible things Magic, madness, heaven, sin Saw you there and I thought oh my god Look at that face, you look like… Download here…

Taylor Swift 'mad' in the video for her song 'Blank Space'

The singer shows a version of herself as a jealous girlfriend who takes revenge on her partner

Taylor Swift makes fun of herself in 'Blank Space'
The most important

     An 'app' was released along with the video, to provide a more interactive experience to their fans
     Swift seeks to address its reputation for writing songs about her relationships
     The application displays characters that do not appear in the official video

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Swift sparked controversy over the decision to remove their songs from Spotify (Getty Images).
Swift sparked controversy over the decision to remove their songs from Spotify (Getty Images).
Taylor Swift reveals the 'secret' of her songs play
Taylor Swift reveals the 'secret' of his songs

(CNN) – Congratulations on your sense of humor, Taylor Swift!

The singer released the video for her new single Blank Space, where he plays a version of herself taking revenge on her boyfriend.

The song is an ingenious way in which Swift addressed his reputation for writing songs about her relationships.

The song says:

"I have a long list of former lovers,

They will say I'm crazy,

But I have a blank baby

Here I will write your name. "

The video shows the singer as a model in the process of falling in love. There are romantic dates and the couple arrives at a mansion. But when things go wrong, Swift starts to destroy everything, from clothing to her boyfriend to his sports car.

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Fans of Swift not only enjoy a different side of the artist, but can also take this experience further with an app.

Applying Blank Space allows the public to participate in the video, and placing them in the same room with Swift and his co-star for an interactive experience-with fun extras.

According to Forbes, the application includes "other characters that do not appear in the official video."

"Butler, artist and gardener have their separate stories (however small), and you can walk with them as sounds Blank Space" reported Forbes. "Moreover-and perhaps more importantly, there are related to Swift scattered throughout the set objects, waiting to be found."

The video director Joseph Kahn took over and informed Blank Space Rolling Stone that the idea was to offer a "deconstructivist Taylor Swift" version.

"She knows there's a meme that says that if you go out with Taylor Swift, end up with a song about you," Kahn said. "I wanted to refer to it."


Taylor Swift launches her new video app Blank Space
The app "American Express Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience" allows fans to watch video 360º, exploring behind the scenes and get tickets for upcoming concerts

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Taylor Swift video and American Express launched an application to give fans an experience of 360 of his new video. (Taylor Swift lyrics downloads)

Taylor Swift blank space and American Express launched an application to get a 360 ° view of the new video of the singer, Blank Space.

The app "American Express Unstaged: Taylor Swift lirycs Experience" allows fans to immerse themselves in the fictional world in which she plays a jealous girlfriend who makes life miserable for your partner.

Moving mobile devices, users can explore the rooms of the mansion which was recorded on video, can follow the characters (Taylor Swift, groom, gardener, butler), look for different objects in the luxury home and give tips other users to find the 41 hidden items.

In addition to the interactive experience of 360, users can view additional material behind the camera, buy the album 1989 where the song is included, or get tickets to a concert tour of the blonde.

Blank Space is the second single of 1989, the fifth studio album by the singer, which sold a million copies in its 287,000 debut week.

"American Express Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience" is available for iOS and Android.


Taylor Swift wears catwalk video for 'Blank Space'

Taylor Swift A Blank Space L

Taylor Swift revolutionized the net yesterday when the video for Blank Space, the second single from her new album, 1989. A video clip is provided by Joseph Kahn, in which the singer near the model Sean O'Pry becomes published mad jealousy in what seems a fashion to Swift style. Want to see all the looks?
the protagonists

2 Taylor Swift Blank Space

Although Taylor has over 20 costume changes in the video, two looks are those that have attracted most attention, embroidered tulle dress by Oscar de la Renta has been taken as a tribute to the recently deceased designer, and the word honor in nude with multicolored flowers with which Taylor runs the palace at one point in the video.
Taylor Swift Elie Saab and transparencies

3 Taylor Swift Blank Space

If the video for Blank Space was a parade, the absolute trend of the season looks to be black with transparency. The singer appears with two looks from Elie Saab to these features, the first of the autumn-winter 2014 and the second in the spring-summer 2014.

4 Taylor Swift Blank Space

But Saab looks are not the only transparencies with Taylor appearing in the video. A body of lace LBD La Perla and the other two outfits that show the body of the singer.
Glitter and rhinestones

5 Taylor Swift Blank Space

The glitter and rhinestones also have its place in your wardrobe Blank Space. That role is occupied by a long silver dress and a long sleeve dress with blue beaded Jenny Packham spring-summer 2014 which, of course, also has transparencies.
Red and maroon

6 Taylor Swift Blank Space

After the black, the red tones are best used in Taylor looks either two-piece outfits like the first two or strapless.
Katie Emilio

7 Taylor Swift Blank Space

Like Elie Saab, Emilio designer Katie also has two looks in the video, two of the more informal: the whole crop top and pencil skirt in natural shades of autumn-winter 2014 collection and all yellow top and mallows high-waisted trousers.

8 Taylor Swift Blank Space

Naeem Khan and two pieces in white and yellow are the only patterns that we see looks Taylor. The first, the 2014 spring-summer collection of designer shoes accompanied by Miu Miu, and second, for a very vintage styling.

If you want to see the rest of the video looks, you have them in the gallery and if anyone has seen it yet, here's the video:


What vindictive! Taylor Swift premiered the video 'Blank Space'

In the clip the singer is shown as a very vindictive woman to punish her boyfriend for cheating

Bride psychopath sight! So it looks like Taylor Swift's new video, "Blank Space", which is the latest single from his new album, 1989, it has broken sales record.

The singer shows more sensual and elegant than ever in the company of a handsome man, who lives with a tender love story until he loses interest in Taylor and she acts up.

Vindictive and ruthless is like the singer performs in this video, which gives us a tremendous example of how to give lesson to those unfaithful men who break the hearts of thousands of women.

Taylor Swift in 'Blank Space'

Certainly, Taylor looks smoking hot in this video very sexy because in several shots adorned with impeccable evening gowns as she flirts with the camera.

So now you know, if you want to get a lesson in how to punish a man who will put the horns, Taylor will teach you to be more vindictive than ever.

Do not miss the gallery of the singers who went from innocent to bad girls.


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