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ПОЧИСТВАНЕ НА ДОМОВЕ ЕВРО-Ф-М-pochistvane-na-domove

EFM е компания за фасилити мениджмънт /euro facility/ , специализирана в предлагането на широк спектър от услуги по поддръжка и управление на админитративни, жилищни и търговски сгради и комплекси. Извършваме абонаментно, основно или частично почистване на домове и офиси в зависимост от Вашите нужди. За комфорта и чистотата в Дома Ви, предлагаме следните услуги:

• Maшинно или ръчно почистване на твърди и меки подови настилки

• Maшинно или ръчно почистване на тапицерия и мека мебел

• Машинно изпиране на килими и мокети

• Измиване на прозорци, дограма и щори

• Прахосмучене

• Обезпрашаване, почистване и полиране на мебели

• Почистване на осветителни тела

• Почистване на врати, первази, контакти, ключове и парапети

• Почистване на тераси

• Гладене/пране/подмяна на спално бельо

• Почистване на климатици, обезпрашаване

• Почистване на паяжини

• Обезпрашаване на стени и тавани

• Почистване и дезинфекция на трудно достъпни места

• Почистване на санитарни помещения

• Почистване на огледала

• Почистване на фаянс и теракот

• Зареждане с хигиенни консумативи

• Почистване на кухни

• Почистване на бяла техника/домакински уреди

• Измиване на съдове

• Доставка на хигиенни консумативи

• Поддръжка на ел. инсталации
• Поддръжка на пожарогасителни и пожароизвестителни системи
• Поддръжка на пожарогасители
• Поддръжка на асансьори
• Поддръжка на климатични инсталации
• ВиК
• Поддръжка на чилъри
• Поддръжка на бариери и ролетни врати
• Абонаментно почистване
• Почистване на офиси
• Почистване на сгради
• Почистване на магазини
• Почистване на предприятия
• Почистване на домове
• Почистване на паркинги
• Пране на автомобили
• Дератизация
• Дезинфекция, дезинсекция, дератизация
• Охранителни дейности
• Изграждане на ел. инсталации
• Изграждане на ВиК
• Боядисване
• Полагане на теракот и фаянс
• Монтаж на паркет и ламинат
• Транспортни и хамалски услуги
• Консултация в сферата на здравословните и безопасни условия на труд

Адрес за контакти
Тел.: 02/9581755
GSM: 0893/49 30 01
Факс: 02/8548752

Е-mail: [email protected]

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It's nice to be in the center of attention or not? I suppose everybody will say of course.

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The breakthrough treatment works by oxygenating the blood through an injection that can part someone flesh and blood for happening to 30 minutes though they are unable to breath at all and could save thousands of lives. The injected particles contain oxygen within a ensue of natural molecules known as lipids. Previous attempts at developing a treatment of this flora and fauna had fruitless because the injections caused a gas embolism rather than oxygenation of the cells.

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What is a deja vu … ??? Have you ever had the feeling never operates exactly the same before ..? Sensing a perisis same condition before? Seeing and hearing the same thing before ..? This is sometimes very confusing because at the same time we are not able to remember when and where ever perform these activities. It is as if in a dream, but why could really happen ..? This is commonly called the mysteries with Deja vu.

Based on the study, 70% of men on earth ever felt déjà vu. Thus, the psychological phenomenon is very normal thing and not a curse or karma as many believe. Déjà vu is derived from the French language which means "never seen". That is, to experience something that is felt experience never experienced before.

In Greece, this phenomenon is called the paramnesia which is a combination of the word means "parallel" and mnimi means "memory".

Why déjà vu can happen ..?
The question naturally arises then is why déjà vu can happen ..? Do not always think that this is a natural phenomenon that is not explained scientifically Wampu because scientists have found the answer to be a phenomenon that exists in the human mind. Déjà vu occurs because of a wave that is delivered into the brain. The waves created every action which is done by humans. These waves are then translated into the form of electrical impulses sent to the brain and read. But there are times when our brain has a high sensitivity so that the wave form of the amplitude and frequency read certain depends on the quality of our brain.

A simple example;
One time we sang a song in my heart. Then we turned on the radio and on the radio is playing the songs that we are thinking earlier. Direct we think "déjà vu". In fact, this indicates that radio waves sent from the transmitting station, in addition to the radio received by us, are also read by our brains, because the nature of our brains that are super sensitive in receiving an electric wave that was.

There is another theory which explains that deja vu occurs when the optical sensation Received by the eye to the brain and perceived earlier than the same sensation that is accepted by the other eye, causing a feeling familiar to something which is actually the first time seen. Theory which is known as the "optical pathway delay" is broken, it was found that people could experience deja vu butapun through the sense of smell, hearing, and perabaannya.

Various kinds of déjà vu
Déjà vu also occurs in various forms exist that can only remember vaguely, some just remember the scene, and some who remember things in great detail. Broadly, déjà vu consists of 5 types, namely:

1. Déjà Vu
Déjà vu of this kind that is most prevalent where we've felt the same condition before and sure never happened in days past and repeatedly. Often by the time the individual will be followed by feelings of fear, a powerful sense of the familiar, and feel strange.

2. Déjà Vécu
Feeling that occurs on Deja Vecu more powerful than déjà vu. Deja vecu person will feel ever been in a previous condition with memories that will remember more details such as sound or smell.

3. Déjà Senti
Déjà Senti is the phenomenon of "never felt" something. Once you've tasted something and said, "Oh yes, I remember!" Or "Oh yes, I know!". But one or two minutes later realize that you actually never talk anything.

4. Jamais Vu
Jamais Vu (never seen / experienced) is the opposite of déjà vu. If déjà vu remember things that actually has not been done before, Jamais Vu another. Type of déjà vu this kind is precisely the sudden loss of memory in remembering something that never happened inside. This can happen due to brain fatigue.

5. Déjà Visité
Déjà vu is more focused on the type of memory that someone is going to a place he had never visited before but was never felt to be at the same location. Déjà Visité with regard to place or geography. M-BR.Blog | Blog Sumber Referensi
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